Trail Hunter combines two of our outdoor passions, Overlanding and GeoCaching. For those of you that are not familiar with the nerdy fun of GeoCaching, it’s a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS-enabled device, problem solving and map navigation skills. We have left multiple caches on each of the three trails, along with clues to where to find the caches.



Send an email to trailhunter@bluestoneoverland.com with the trail name in the subject you wish to hunt.
  • Flagpole Knob
  • Peters Mill Run
  • Bald Mountain Jeep Trail


You will get an auto-reply with the following information.
* Check your spam folder if you don't get a reply in your inbox.
  • Instructions
  • GPS Coordinates to the first Cache for your trail
  • Clues to use to help you find the Cache Plates
  • A link to a form to fill out after you complete the hunt


Gear up and get out on the trail, find the caches and claim your patch.


If you need support please feel free to join the BSO SLACK and we can help you!


Flagpole Knob: "What the Clutch" Harrisonburg VA

August 3rd, 2019
After Overland Bound “Rigs and Coffee”, BSO went on the search for "peace". Join the BSO crew up a beautiful and windy road to admire the summit at Flagpole Knob. After reaching the summit, the crew suffers a minor set back. Even the mighty Oscar Mike needs help sometimes, but it's nothing a little Toyota transfusion can’t cure. You can’t dampen the crews spirit, fallen trees or Jeep troubles, it's nothing some good old carpool comms karaoke cannot fix.

Peters Mill Run

April 13, 2019
This adventure was with over 20 other Overland Bound Members. We broke the trip into two waves.

Rescue at Bald Mountain: Lyndhurst VA

July 14, 2019
A celebratory trip in honor of Spartan44’s birthday brings the Bluestone Overland crew to the Bald Mountain Jeep Trail in Lyndhurst VA. A couple of new faces from our Slack Group join and venture into the wild with the BSO crew into a rocky, muddy, and challenging mountain trail. After a few difficult and gnarly obstacles the crew receives a distress radio call from a fellow adventurer stuck on a mud crossing and turns around to help. After some unsuccessful troubleshooting they decided the best option to get everyone home safe before night fall is to tow the Jeep the rest of the way down the mountain..